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What makes up a good sales compensation plan? We leave nothing to chance and address each of the following components to ensure your plan fits your needs precisely:

  1. Market Benchmarking: We analyze market data for comparable roles to ensure you are paying the right amount to attract the right sales talent.

  2. Break-Even Analysis: We run the numbers to ensure your sales compensation plan is cost-effective and affordable. It's a win-win!

  3. Leverage: We determine the ratio of salary to variable pay that best matches your selling environment.

  4. Measure Definition: We identify the metrics – units or revenue or margin, etc. – that will best align salespeople with your business objectives. This may include individual and team measures.

  5. Payout Formulae: We develop the arithmetic to convert performance into compensation payments. This could be straight or tiered commissions, performance versus quota or other techniques and combinations.

  6. Overachievement Payouts: We define an attractive but cost-effective bonus structure to reward your top achievers.

  7. Underachievement Penalties: We establish clear performance standards and define whether and how poor performance will impact earning potential.

  8. Qualitative Bonus Structures: We identify opportunities for bonuses related to non-revenue accomplishments.

  9. Payment Event: We determine the event that should trigger a compensation payment, such as contract signing or invoicing.

  10. Payment Frequency: We identify the payment frequency which is best suited to your selling environment. This might be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

  11. New Hire Programs: We create a program to help new salespeople transition seamlessly into their new roles.

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